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DPM01 60 years of
Brighton Open Top Route 17
© Dinnages Publishing

Released September 1996

DPM02 Southdown Motor Services
'Queen Mary' PD3 Bus Mug
© Dinnages Publishing

Released 23rd September 2018

Welcome to
Dinnages Publishing


From dealers in diecast models in the late eighties, buying and selling books and photographs on transport, publishing our own photographs then postcards from our own library of images and commissioned artwork, we have now brought back a range of Ceramic Bus Mugs for the collector and enthusiast. Each of our mugs will be researched in design to bring something new and not created in these styles before, therefore a unique and one off product. All our Mugs are created from in-house artwork taken from photographs of the vehicle, and made to a strict and certificated run of 100, and not repeated to the same design, with our first were sold in only three months from release in September 1996, once a run has sold out we would only replace that design with a different but maybe similar image.

Buy our Mugs from our stall at 7 each


All SOLD OUT in 1997


DPM01 - Our first Ceramic Mug

Our first coloured Line-Art drawing for a commemorative postcard, was also used to produce a Ceramic Mug back in1996, which showed three Brighton open top buses that had used the seafront road to provide locals and visiting tourists to enjoy the sights of Brighton & Hove, from its extreme at one time being Portslade, Boundary Road (including a turnaround at Portslade Station) and in the main, Rottingdean High Street, although there has been extensions to Saltdean and more recent service to the Marina.
'Seven Miles of Glorious Coast' being the sub title of this image, it celebrates the period 1936 to 1996 when the card and mug was originally published, depicting a Bristol K5G, Bristol FS Lodekka, & the familiar Bristol VRT in each of their respective versions of the livery of their period. The first two were owned & operated by Brighton, Hove & District, the second & third were owned and operated by Southdown Motor Services and more recently Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company, although none are used in these liveries locally any longer. Brighton Corporation Transport also operated open top buses along the coast and under the 17 route number.


Southdown PD3 409 DCD


+ 2.95 UK P&P


DPM02 Southdown 'Queen Mary' PD3 Ceramic Mug

Our second commemorative Ceramic Bus Mug marks 60 years of the Southdown Leyland Titan PD3s still seen in traditional livery and depicting 409 DCD in its open top form
The image used was first used on our forst Enamel Pin Badge which can be purchased here

Dinnages, a family team, originally collectors themselves, became dealers in a variety of collectables during 1988. Since 1993 using the titles 'DTP Library' , 'Dinnages Negative Library' or similar, began collecting and providing archive & modern views of transport, with a separate library then created for the local Brighton/Sussex/UK topograhical views taken from our negatives or slides.

The 'Dinnages Negative Library' has created an archive library of both nostalgic & modern images to transport enthusiasts, historians, museum studies & the transport industry since establishing this ongoing archive of views, primarily from original negatives, & slides. The recipients have included 'Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Co.', Brighton Museum, various book authors, transport magazines, local newspapers, book publishers & many individuals for personal reference & display. These have all been provided on a 'prior agreement basis' to comply with copyright and current ownership and assignment of these images.

More recent times we have renamed to become known simply as 'Dinnages Publishing' based on the aspect of publishing the historic photographs, the postcards, the work on the Brighton Tram 53 booklet and with in-house artwork in 2018 started a range of exclusive Enamel Pin Badges, and Ceramic Mugs. Designs are our own, created with artistic talent taken from photographs of the actual vehicle or object used on the product in either or both ranges. Former artwork created by our original artist, both where used previously and as yet archived may still be utilised in some form at a later date in which was also commisioned on an exclusive basis for our first Ceramic Bus Mug in 1996 along with the earlier Line-Art postcards.

To find out more about all the images in the 'Dinnages Negative Library', browse the rest of this site through its new 'Welcome Page' or contact us using either of the feedback forms, depending on your interest. 'Dinnages' are always interested in your own photographs, negatives or slides, preferably pre-1970 Road & Rail Transport, in particular your own good Transport Snow or Sussex scenes. Enquiries by email are welcome.

If you are having difficulty, or find your browser does not do what it should, brings an error, missing links or images, again please let 'Dinnages' know, we would send you a freeby if you like too. Many places have been good inspiration, but nothing has been 'lifted' from other sites. A very good highly reccomended source of reference comes from books published by O'Reilly
These are not books for the novice, really in-depth topics whatever your area of computing.

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