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Dinnages began the archive library after an initial purchase in 1995 of Transport a negative and slide collection, then followed of a variety of well known transport & local photographers material. Our picture library views have been made available to many enthusiasts, historians, a few book and magazine publishers since, assisting within the bus industry too, and was the backbone of the Brighton Centenary Exhibition at the refurbished Brighton Museum that opened late, intended to celebrate the start of the Brighton Trams 1901-2001. Although the collection is privately owned, it is not in itself profit-making, therefore serves to add to its 25,000+ (at mid 2009) images for the benefit of others, provided at a modest cost per reproduction subject to the users requirements.
Since migrating some photographs, database listings of & other products to our interactive online store, the photographic listings are no longer freely available here for download. The following however describes an outline on some of the photographers and content that has been aquired over the years, but quite obvious in some cases we only have some of a photographers collection with either them with other libraries, collections, or still with the photographer themselves. We can only offer prints from what we hold as original material.
The Dinnages Picture Library now includes images from photographers collections such as;

Trevor Iving, Peter Lawrence, Jack Turley *, Ian Richardson, Ernest Charman (Ernie Charman), Brian Boddy, Brian Lodge, Peter Gavin *, John Roberts, Mike Cheesman, Jarrett/Banks *, Derek Monk *, Gordon Gangloff, Gerry Hughes *, Jim Jones *, Nick Friswell, Len Lane, Glyn Kramer-Johnson, Dave Chalker *, Martin West, Frank Gurr *, Barrie Hutson (On Loan), Bill Holland *, John Piggott, Martin Piggott, Dave Taylor *, Dave Blumsom, Les Hough, Ron Stapleton/RGH Simpson, Geoff Arnold *,
+ unknown other originals depicting Trams, Trolleybuses, Buses, Railway, Volk’s & local scenes too.
Those photgraphers that have sadly passed away are marked with *.

It is somewhat interesting and somewhat disapointing in that many Photo Circuits do not seem to be able to keep proper and accurate records of their collections unlike the museums and proper archivists undertake diligintly, where you would also expect to be able to know by looking at th rear of any proper photographic library sought to have been amassed for historic uses, the actual name of the original photographer where possible. This is evidentally not the case, yet easy to achive when that material has been dontated, offered or purchased through the photographer themselves or surviving family members. We feel this is really important and more so a right in itself to reward that photographer for his efforts where others had not particular in and during wartime both a shortage of film, the restriction of taking photos and materials to develop and print. The recorded names is to promote and celebrate those who did make that effort and we thank them for this by the copyright label.

Dinnages BW Series Dinnages B&W Series
Traditional Black & White photographs some still remain as produced in old postcard size and latterly as 6x4, from an increasing library of negatives. Many more views to be printed & catalogued. Some of the earlier views included were not transport related, more were local views of the Brighton area, these have been removed & are being replaced with new views. This series include B&W Views taken by Ernie Charman, Gordon Gangloff, John Roberts, Jack Turley, Glyn Kramer-Johnson, Derek Monk, and other originals of unknown origin such as a few glass plates! Reprinting the earlier production of these, including in our postal service.

Dinnages BW Series
Monthly Photo Newsletter

DT/STT Dave Taylor - Solent Transport Trust
These are traditional Black & White photographs in 6x4, from this collection of original negatives. We are very fortunate to be able to have been provided these to make available to other enthusiasts and historians.

DT/STT Library

Barrie Hutson Series Barrie Hutson Series
Traditional Black & White photographs, with some in old postcard size, under a hand-print process and now 6x4 through our Monthly Photo Newsletter. These are from the personal library of Barrie Hutson who has kindly been loaning us his treasured negatives since about 2003, originally printed through a traditional hand print process, now through a more modern and cost effective process using laser printing through a high street photograhic specialist. The former method however excellant in its quality of image, cost far too much through production therefore we ceased to continue in this way due to the high resale prices required at 60 pence, although others since have progressed to this price and even some traders now charge 70 pence per print! We are actually reducing some of our prices, so all prints up to 6x4 in size will be just 50p as from the start of 2010. Our 'used' colour print price therefore has only just changed from 40p (moving from 35p) some 13 years or so ago.
Many of both our B&W main series and in particular the Barrie Hutson Series have never been printed before even by Barrie himself after all these years. We are now in a position to clarify that although there have been a handful of Barrie Huston images published way back in the 1970's, we have NOT been provided with those images, so our views are therefore only just now becoming available to the wider audience and enthusiast. This is an honour & a privilage to be allowed to use these local views. These photographs will ONLY be available from Dinnages through our Monthly Photo Newsletter or online. On rare occasions these may be available at selected special events attended. Barrie Hutson previously provided a mounting and framing service through his own stalls, ours and during our retail shop days. Following the complete Dave Taylor series being added to the online shop, we will move on to this BH Series.

Barrie Hutson Series
Monthly Photo Newsletter

Friswell photos Friswell photos
Kindly loaned traditional Black & White negatives for a one off print run. The list detailed the images that had been printed & are all available while our stock remains being ALL on hand-printed photo paper at old postcard size. These were at 60p to cover the high cost of that method and will now be at 50p. As Mr Friswell obviously owns the copyright and all negatives have been returned, this series once sold will no longer be made available, and are not within our Newsletter offerings.

Friswell Series

J and M Piggott photos John Piggott & Martin Piggott photos
When we started buying in and exchanging photographs at our retail shop (1990-2000) from about 1993, John Piggot used to come in with a regular bundle every Saturday, to start with on a local theme. These were 'old postcard' size colour prints in the main from his own slides, some from his negatives. We always had an agreement that once he had sold all the photographs, he would sell us the slides and negatives and give us first refusual on views on our local interest. Many years later John moved North and as well as selling us images based on this original material and on our interests, along with some slides of his brother Martin, he has been selling other areas and lesser interesting local views via an online auction site with its ups and downs and time consuming efforts involved. We are again privilaged and feel honoured to have struck a long term deal to make available his views to be once again brought to the local enthusiast, with a view to reprinting these marking them as you would expect us to, under his copyright although covering us with our usual assignment of copyright for the original material we have and are buying in. So yet more forthcoming images from the Brighton and Sussex operator areas, with this series in colour as well as those in the EC Series.

J & M Piggott photos
Monthly Photo Newsletter

Ernie Charman photos Ernest Charman (Ernie Charman) photos
Ernest, more affectionly known as 'Ernie Charman' and his traditional Black & White photographs have been printed through our BW Series already mentioned above. We did produce a very rough list (first ever published here on this page) being a combination of data from his own paper filing system, the negatives, & the sample original colour views we have and come across in buying photo collections from many enthusiasts. This personal library of Ernie Charman through the years from his early colour from 1961, will eventually be made available, although some have been in original circulation only at 'old postcard' size, with a few that have been put into circulation by the infringment of others by what appeared to be by the copying into slides and then reprinted again sold in quantity as 6x4 views. These have had labels on the reverse claiming copyright, although that original group now appears to have disbanded. These copies may not even have a stamp on the reverse at all, yet ought to be an old style block rubber stamp clearly showing Charman and his old address in Portslade. To find fresh prints at 6x4 and without our Dinnages labels on the reverse, they are certainly counterfeit and need reporting to us in confidence.

Our major task was to properly catalogue the strips of negatives into some sort of order based initially on his number system, although by the dates we will have to reformat the numbers as this is far too much in a pickle to make it workable for us. Many views Ernie Charman never bother to print, often lack of funds at the time, fondly rushing off rolls of film, then only affording to develop and print selectively, just the same with Jack Turley. These are NOT intended to be available on any future stall due to encountering those already found in the market place.

Ernie Charman Colour - EC Series
Monthly Photo Newsletter

Colour Series photos Colour Series Photos
Where we have aquired other original colour negatives and slides, even if we have 'Black and White' already from a photographer, the colour images will be each placed in a series on their own, such as already mentioed for Ernie Charman. A massive long term task we admit, although priority is still ongoing to the wealth of the period 1935-1960's and therefore obviously those are in Black & White, printing through our BW Series. As we reach each individuals material they will have their own reference and number system.

Colour Series Photos

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Trevor Iving, Peter Lawrence, Jack Turley *, Ian Richardson, Ernest Charman (Ernie Charman), Brian Boddy, Brian Lodge, Peter Gavin *, John Roberts, Mike Cheesman, Jarrett/Banks *, Derek Monk *, Gordon Gangloff, Gerry Hughes *, Jim Jones *, Nick Friswell, Len Lane, Glyn Kramer-Johnson, Dave Chalker *, Martin West, Frank Gurr *, Barrie Hutson, Bill Holland *, John Piggott, Martin Piggott, Dave Taylor *, Dave Blumsom, Les Hough, Ron Stapleton/RGH Simpson, Geoff Arnold *,