Payments to Dinnages…

We have successfully been taking payments online since the year 2000, when we started hand coding our web pages using just notepad and for the majority of that time in the main used PayPal, its buttons and “add to cart” links.

However with changes in technology and browsers, we are finding that buyers recently using browsers on phones can be restricted on using payment links, which are out of our control.

Please therefore make sure when having trouble attempting a payment, use your phone browser and not through any social media linked browser.

We also offer Square, and direct payments to our business account, while offer our products on many third-party platforms take note they may not offer the same price or postage options.

NOTICE, Users of iPhones:
If you have come to this page using a Facebook link and using the browser from there, the PayPal link is disabled by Paypal. This is out of our control. You need to come to our site using a browser outside of Facebook.
PayPal buttons are standard PayPal functionality. The logic is implemented on the PayPal servers. This is normal behvaior. Only PayPal can change this. The flaw is in Facebook’s in-app browser.The in-app browser can be disabled on Android devices. It CANNOT be disabled on Apple devices.