Catalogue, Downloads and Postage

Our Full Catalogue can be downloaded from here: Catalogue 2021 Last updated 05/08/2021

Please note any supplements or latest catalogue superseed any product and postage pricing stated in the original printed catalogue.

There are no price differences between ordering from us by post with a cheque or online using a card through PayPal, although better rates than you will find our products on third-party sites.

For our stock list of all Diecast Models follow this link to download a two page PDF file here

All downloads we offer from our site are only available as a PDF file, where we are working on offering both spreadsheet listings and image thumbnails of our Picture Library.

Photographic Listings

Please note these listings are under development, each under review and update offline all the time as time permits, therefore you will encounter a number errors in places where corruption of files at some point created a mismatch for example of the operator or livery columns. The most critical column for requesting images is to use is the first ‘Order Number’ column.

The photographs listed are what have been printed over the years since 1993, some more times than others and is NOT a current stock list. Some prints are no longer available once sold out, in a few cases, some made as a Postcard, greeting card or from loaned material, hence a once off print run, where copyright in the latter remains with the photographer.

Download a form to request images for personal use. We no longer agree for any image from our library to be publlshed in any printed form, books or magazines, neither used on any social media platform, such as but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Flickr as these sites, images without our watermarks do get copied on and used without due credit which under ‘fair use’ has to credit the original source.

Photographers Topic Content Format Size Printed Download CD
Barrie Hutson Buses List B&W 6×4 & PC SAE PDF NYA
BW Series Mixed List B&W 6×4 SAE PDF NYA
BW Series TRAMS List B&W 6×4 SAE PDF NYA
Dave Taylor Buses List B&W 6×4 SAE PDF NYA
Ernest Charman Buses List Colour 6×4 SAE PDF NYA
Friswell Buses List B&W PC SAE PDF NYA
Jack Turley Buses List Colour 6×4 NYA NYA NYA
Jack Turley Steam Locomotives List B&W 6×4 SAE PDF NYA
Jim Jones Buses List Colour 6×4 NYA NYA NYA
John & Martin Piggott Buses List Colour 6×4 SAE PDF NYA
RL Series Buses List Colour 6×4 NYA NYA NYA
Alan Piatt Series AOA Buses NYA Colour 6×4 NYA NYA NYA

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Our UK Postage rates changed since our original February catalogue as have the prices of products too. This was also a catch up from Royal Mail for most smaller, lightweight items, while Hermes is used for the heavier or bulkier items. Some specific items have a set Postage fee regardless of what value of spend with us, such as the Mugs for example which cannot be sent out with a flat book, while some books we obtain much smaller trade rates from some self-publishers that we sell therefore when these are a Hardback book for example we just have to add a postage fee towards the actual cost incurred. Overall we now have settled at either a Post Paid price, while our ‘per-order’ UK postage is charged at either £1.95 or £2.90 dependent on what your order consists of.

Sales of photographs are dealt with totally separate to our book, badge and general stock.

While our best prices are offered here online or through the catalogue (for those not connected to the internet, and rely on a postal service), buyers can browse our products at other places through third-party platforms, where prices have to vary to compensate for the added fees incurred.

For more images, have a browse on our Flickr Albums
Infrequent fixed price and auction sales can be found on eBay
However we have also used Etsy for our crafted products like the badges and Greeting Cards too.
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Scam sites

A word of warning, even at the best of times let alone now during the period of lockdown and isolation through Covid-19 since March 2020, there are many new web sites with online stores opening up all the time, without security for your payments or data, so buyer beware.

You will not receive any goods, just lose you money if you try to buy from the websites. They will likely also steal your ID, bank or payment details. These sites are part of a new organized cyber crime wave, in additon to all those phishing emails we get from time to time.

Be really very wary of these new fake websites, with new ones are popping up all the time, whatever they are offering you. Only go for established sites with a safe record and read its reviews.
One such phishing example has the site full of eBay items, scraped off its listings, some with lower prices, and some of our items too!
With a minimum free postage rate at £33 they will take your card details for as much as they can get. There are so many signs on a dodgy site, no real contact address, non-responsive email link, poor English grammer and so obvious with watermarked images copied from other places.
eBay however difficult to contact at the best of times, wasnt interested in the slightest, while a report to AuctionFraud probably wasnt going to do much either where I found another three other similar sites all doing the same this morning.
Buyer beware, if in doubt don’t, or at least use a credit and not a debit card for your protection.