Historic Photographs

You can view some of our photographs here;
On Flickr, www.flickr.com/photos/dinnages/sets/
Also within our galleries, www.transportpostcards.co.uk/PhotoNewsletters/galleries.html
We offer some of the library in PDF versions of our databases in our Download section too.

Dinnages (Publishing) have been selling historic ‘formerly owned’ photographs for many years, certainly from our records this was probably by 1993 during our early period of trading in our retail shop. In those times we had collectors who brought in their photographs in part payment for their models or books ordered as an exchange. This soon became quite a big turnover of photographs which along with the ‘former owned’ books these soon overtook the sales of the diecast models which is where we started selling promotional models by a mail-order catalogue.

By 1995 we had started to make prints from the first negatives we purchased from Trevor Iving on Aircraft and buses of Newcastle in 1995, then slides from Alan Piatt the following year. London Transport slides, commercial vehicles, and buses came the next year in 1997, then we secured both the full B&W negative collections from Ernest Charman and Jack Turley, the latter whose tram images have been well known, through many incorrect credits in transport books much to his displeasure while he was alive.

Small collections came along from well known enthusiasts like John Roberts, Gordon Gangloff, Derek Monk, Mike Chesseman, and Jim Jones either direct or through their family members. Larger collections came from Peter Gavin (Railways), Brian Lodge and Mr Jarrett & Banks (Bus slides) while we were still being offered more of both B&W and colour on a regular basis from Ernest Charman of Portslade until he passed away, and Jack Turley of Tunbridge Wells, two later he also sadly left us too.

From 2001 a small batch however interesting, came from a professional photographer called Mather Cripps, (with lots on professional Golf players too), Len Lane (London based images), Glyn Kramer-Johnson (Sussex operators), Frank Gurr (coaches), while Les Hough brought some interesting colour to our library to compliment those colour negatives from Ernest Charman of a similar period, then in 2008 along came John Piggott and his brother Martin’s collection where we obtained their very best Sussex slides and negatives, where this deal was based on the former agreement where we would buy in bundles of his prints dropped off at the shop every week.

Since 2008 we have bought in material from many others too be that from just singles, glass plates, colour and B&W negatives or colour slides from collectors direct, or through auction sales either on the hammer or online. Peter Johnson diverted his ongoing sales of his early negatives to us from 2011 until we reached our cut-off historic date point. We do not normally buy in negatives post 80’s due to the plethora of cameras in circulation and the ease of taking transport photographs, while our own views captured would be the unusual, or on diversion for example.

With many able to take good views with cameras and even phones in later years we have tended to concentrate on reprinting the more historic views from our library which at our last count was somewhere like over 30,000 images, not including those any of us took ourselves. Many of these main collections we sought to protect our investment as best we could, however even with assignments of copyright there are many who still seem to use these images in publications, on social media and even been caught selling duplicates. It is upsetting more so to think of those who with scarce resources at the time, both money, cameras and the time involved, those photographers have not been rightfully credited for their efforts and they have been forgotten, often when they pass on and collections get all broken up.

A word here from the link, about our images found duplicated on eBay

This Picture Library therefore has an extensive range of good quality bus, coach, railway, tramway, and other photographs for sale at good comparative rates, when you compare the age of some and what they would fetch in the postcard and auction world. A wide selection from the Southdown and Brighton fleets are available covering all periods from the early forties up to the deregulation era, although we have more on later times such as the likes of Haven Bus, Blue Triangle, Leisurelink and early Metrobus in Brighton too.

Through the collections purchased, we have coverage of vehicles particularly from Brighton, Hove & District, and its later reincarnation after the National Bus Company, as Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company, Eastbourne Buses, Maidstone & District, East Kent, Portsmouth, and of course London from Trams to Routemasters. There are views from the likes of Blackpool and all over advert buses around the UK too.

The bulk of these views offered are taken from the extensive negative collection itself we hold however we have had a tie in with Barrie Hutson where we were loaned numerous batches of negatives each for a period of time. Initially this was in an agreement for the multi-view framed sets Barrie would create that we sold. Other than those from Barrie, we would only be printing views from material we owned outright. The buying in of ‘former owned’ photographs, at one time came to over 70,000 where we originally applied a yellow price label to the reverse of these, bringing back custom, however even that caused us a problem with copyright, apparently even selling others material bought in that may well have actually been copies unbeknown to us, and was therefore an infringement of else someone’s rights! Similar to handling stolen goods, you can get caught out on this. Hence we no longer buy in bulk photographs from unknown sources for resale particularly blank backed, and concentrate on our own library of images, many still as yet unpublished by us and in some cases even by the photographer either.

Using this library, in 1998 we published our first modern postcard, the know well known Brighton Tram and Trolleybus in Old Steine, 1999 a Christmas card, from 2009 selling many prints through our pre-paid Photo Newsletters, and by 2019 revived our potential Greeting Card series. We have licensed images to a number of book authors, historians, and industry, including assisting Mike Cheeseman at Brighton & Hove to provide the historic fleet list with an image for every vehicle.

If you would like to enquire about our stock of the ‘former owned’ Postcard size Black and White prints, or the postcard sized and 6” x 4” size colour prints we have in our numerous stock boxes, not only covering Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey, we would be pleased to hear from you however without great long lists of wants, just some specifics would be helpful, so we might help you to add to your collection.
We are now operating again a pre-paid “buy or return” scheme again from our ‘former owned’ stock with customers who were subscribers of our photo library newsletters. Our library prints in stock and new scanned material will return soon too on a limited basis, again for those who were already subscribers. Our unpaid on-approval circuit was abused by those never paying or even not returning the photograph sets.

During the latter part of 2020 we are looking toward the possible scanning and printing of yet more new images and expect most of these to be from the colour slides, to be offered in the typical modern 6″x4″ size. We have numerous colour negatives to also scan and yet more B&W on Road Rail and aircraft too, however many of our images will be used for other projects and limiting sales of the prints. The potential of these photo sales from our library will be offered in a new form of newsletter, for those who who may not have any means to use email, the world wide web and would therefore still prefer a hard copy catalogue. We are considering adding them as watermarked images to CDs that would be readable by any home entertainment DVD player, enabling a preview with easy order numbers.

While we have not been able to take our stock to outside events during 2020 since Shoreham in February if we can make more out of a postal and online sales network, we may do more sales that way alongside our multi-page printed general catalogue for all our products and publications we stock.

Anyone have any suggestions or comments them please do make contact here.