Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings

Our first Christmas Card as released by Dinnages Publishing

Our first Christmas Greetings Card

Our first Christmas Greetings Card

XGC01: This card is 6″ x 4″ with Season Greetings on the inside.

All our future cards are all at 7″ x 5″ and are blank inside.

The new cards for 2021:
XGC02 – Snow scene – London Buses in the snow at Wisley (New print run arrived early)
XGC03 – Snow scene – Brighton, 09026 Shunter & BR 377430

Due to a printers error, these two new cards were to be released for the Worthing Bus Rally.
These were released at Amberley Museum on the 19th September 2021.

XGC selection

See our main page for our general Greeting Card series here

XGC01: See the snowy effect on the first card here

The snow scene was taken at 8.30am on New Years Day in 1962, by Gordon Gangloff, which Dinnages Publishing created as a first Christmas Greeting card about the time of number twelve postcard in that series. We were only given a licence to use this image in this form of a greetings card, sorry but it is NOT available from us a photograph. The photographer allowed us to create these with sufficient for his own use on that year of 1999 as his Christmas Card. Once stock is sold, this card will never be reissued. Future designs may be of a bigger size.

“Having passed a temporary – abandon car, & the driver was unable to proceed further due to the depth of snow here.” G.M.Gangloff Photographer

The card doubles as a genuine 6×4 postcard with a proper split informative reverse to the card frontage image. You can buy a pack of five of these cards with envelopes only direct from the publisher here in this secure shop or here.

This view was used for this card in an agreement between the original photographer Gordon M Gangloff and Gordon Dinnage, dated 23rd August 1999. Requests since for prints in other formats have been declined as our agreement was just for the image to be used as a Greetings Card. Please respect the copyright owners and take account that once the quantity of existing greeting card packs have been sold the image will be no longer available from us. All monies sent for 6×4 prints and similar without the greeting overprint will be declined.

Copyright ownership of this view is still with the photographer, even if subsequently the negative has been given or sold to another person or organisation, and that he has since passed on, the use of this view was agreed with the copyright owner and is NOT an infringement of any possible new owner of any negative as Copyright remains with the photographer, with this agreement already in place prior to any later aquisition of the negative.

Order code: XGC01
Manufactured by: Dinnages Publishing