Lisbon Model Trams

While on holiday in Lisbon during September 2018, travelling around by tram, these model trams could be found in every tourist shop in the city and beyond in Portugal. Just as in London and around England you would find our traditional Red London Bus, telephone box and Post Box, these Yellow Model Trams are replicas of the Tram 28 and others that operate around the city as both tourist and commuter cars on a daily basis.

With friends and customers in the UK saying they were unable to find these HO scale models, or at least at an affordable price, and without the high postage to the UK, these models could be as a standalone collectible or to become motorised with a four wheeled truck, we thought we would bring back some of these each year in our baggage allowance seeing as in Lisbon and Portugal you need only a few clothes, mainly shirts & shorts, often in temperatures in excess of 30 degrees in the Summer to September.

We are now offering a few of these we have brought over this year to other enthusiasts we do not already know in the UK, probably on a one per customer basis, only due to the limited quantity we can secure.

You can now buy all three in the UK here
Toursit Tramcar in Yellow £15 while the Red and Green specials at £20
all plus + our standard £1.95 P&P

Where did you hear about us?

We will be uploading our images of the Trams in Lisbon, Portugal we have captured in a new album within our Flickr Photosteam sometine too.

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