Enamel Pin Badges

Right from our early beginnings we have always been dealers of the unusual, such as difficult to obtain promotional diecast models, moving on as a retail shop buying and selling books and photographs on transport, which led us to publishing our own photographs, followed by postcards from our own library of images and commissioned artwork.

Our new exclusive product series was prompted by a bus enthusiast who was looking for bus badges that had never been made before, hence in 2017 we started making enquires with all the badge manufacturers directly, (we do not deal with middle-men). Using the graphic art skills of Harry Dinnage as AryArt, we then undertook to produce that first badge based on 409 DCD, a Leyland Titan PD3 affectionally known as a ‘Queen Mary, in its open top form while depicting its original Green & Cream livery and as a bus in preservation, released to the enthusiast in April 2018.

Each of our badges produced, are researched in design to bring something new and not generally seen available in these styles before, therefore a unique and one off product. All our badges are created from in-house artwork taken from photographs of the vehicle type, and made to a strict and certificated run of 100. We do not repeat the same design, with more than a third of our first were sold in only four months, these are very much on a time limited availability. We do reserve the right to refuse potential bulk buying so as to be fair to everyone. Once a badge run has sold out we might never issue even something similar again due to the requests and ideas now coming forward.

Most of these will be based on a vehicle in preservation and may support them directly by a donation from the proceeds or by some of the badges. requests and suggestions taken on board, while plans from start to release may take up to a year, with only two releases a year so far these are not a quick production line, and we would much rather spend time with our research duriing the process. While we commission AryArt to create the artwork for our exclusive badges, Harry would also be available to create designs of artwork for your own projects too. The finished badges are sold in a bag with a hand numbered printed header card, some badges are now appearing with the number laser engraved to the reverse too. We are open to commissions as a whole package or suggestions for any vehicle in preservation that could benefit from support and publicity.

DPB01 – Commemorating 60 years of the Southdown PD3 £11+P&P (Last few remaining)

Our first Enamel Pin Badge was to commemorate the 60 years of the Southdown Leyland Titan PD3s still seen in traditional livery and depicting 409 DCD in its open top form. Although we sell our badges on a random basis, this first release is fast disapearing, selling only the higher end numbers now with three-quarters of the run sold out. First released April 2018.

DPB02 – The London Bendy Bus £7+P&P

First released Sunday 1st September 2018, our second Enamel Pin Badge commemorates the Mercedes-Benz Citaro Bendy Bus that operated in the City of London.

This issue has been specially commissioned by us as a commemorative of the Go-Ahead London Central Mercedes-Benz Citaro Bendy Bus MAL 82 BX54 UDM. This badge, with artwork designed in-house, is taken from a photograph of the original Bendy Bus by Tony Wilson while on route 12 to Oxford Circus in 2011.

DPB03 – The Leyland National in NBC Southdown livery £7+P&P

Released to the public on Friday 11th October 2019, our third Enamel Pin Badge commemorates  the Southdown NBC Leyland National MKI single deck bus, another exclusive product on offer from Dinnages Publishing.

This issue has been specially commissioned by us as a commemorative collectable with sales of this issue enabling a donation on every badge towards the preservation costs of this Southdown Mark I Leyland National. This badge, with artwork designed in-house, is taken from a photograph of preserved PCD80R, based on a period of 1984 and seen on Flickr by PD3.

To support the preservation of this vehicle read more here

DPB04 – Stagecoach South Southdown £7+P&P

J501GCD 1991 Alexander Dash Dennis Dart, sporting the ‘stripy’ livery, 501 was the first Dart out of a batch of 52 GCD Darts to be delivered to Stagecoach South. Nearly all have been since scrapped. This is still Owned by Stagecoach and is based at Worthing Depot One of the only preserved Darts around. Released to the public on Saturday 22nd February 2020.

This issue was actually the first suggestion for a badge, which brought about this series by an enthusiast of historic buses. Our badge is taken from a photograph of preserved 501, based on a period of 2019 and seen on Flickr by Simon Beeston.

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Enamel Pin Badges

We aim to produce a new badge at least twice a year subject to the research and detail required to only make quality collectable products. All will be Limited to just one hundred of each design, while our exclusive range are aimed at vehicles or themes on transportation in preservation and may also provide funds towards the actual project in some form. Our badges are not to be confused with lesser quality products and far less detailed artwork that are often found for sale on various platforms around £2.99