Enamel Pin Badges

From dealers in diecast models in the late eighties, buying and selling books and photographs on transport, publishing our own photographs then postcards from our own library of images and commissioned artwork, we have now commenced a range of Enamel Pin Badges for the collector and enthusiast.

Each of our badges are researched in design to bring something new and not generally created in these styles before, therefore a unique and one off product. All our badges are created from in-house artwork taken from photographs of the vehicle type, and made to a strict and certificated run of 100, and not repeated to the same design, with more than a third of our first were sold in only four months, once a run has sold out we would only replace that design with a different however maybe similar image.

To buy any of our badges go to our dedicated Page for these here

DPB001 – Commemorating 60 years of the Southdown PD3

DPB02 – The London Bendy Bus

DPB02 – The London Bendy Bus

DPB03 – Our next badge is now in production

Find out soon…