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During our time trading with collectibles we have looked to make both our stall and online sales contain something different, special in fact exclusive, hence based on either artwork or from photographs in our library, we produced a limited run ceramic mug in 1996, the postcard series was running at the time where that particular image was used on the second postcard.

We have also created over our thirty years a few special code 3 models, for individuals, three clubs, our and other business too.

With Harry one of our family team now being commissioned for his artwork through his own site, we have utilised his skills creating limited run Enamel Pin Badges while using the same artwork on the first badge we also released a new limited run Ceramic Mug in 2018.

You can buy any of these items from following the topic links in the text above, although not our first Mug, or anything that has sold out of its Limited run of 100.

In our quick example gallery below, here is a view of our first commemorative mug produced for the 60th anniversary of Route 17 seafront service 1936-1996 where 100 were produced and sold out in three months from release at the Amberley Bus Riders Day event in September 1996.

Take a look at more of our commemoratives we have created here on Flickr.