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“My researches into the local bus and coach operators of the ‘Thames Valley’ area started in 1969, after the usual apprenticeship as a bus-spotter. It all really began because I was curious about the past, but there were no such company histories to read for this area so I had to write them myself!” Paul Lacey.


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Published to 2019

Early Independents of the Bracknell, Crowthorne & Wokingham Area
The second volume of the trilogy on Early Independents in central and eastern areas of Berkshire, these books complement what has already been aired for the west of the County under Newbury & District,for the Reading area under Smiths Coaches and in the area covered by the White Bus Services historically. Taking in operators large and small, and from the earliest motors through in certain cases to the 1960’s and beyond, with the major players Brimblecombe Bros. and Lovick’s of Crowthorne, it also reveals in detail the activities of many other operators, and even a couple who did not even get onto the road. Comprising 112 A4 pages, perfect bound, it contains 126 monochrome photos, location maps and details of vehicles.

Thames Valley A Centenary Album
A new volume in time for the centenary of the formation of the Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd. on 10th July 1920. A comprehensive selection of previously un-published photos, exploring the area served by the ‘Valley and its fleet between the years 1920 and 1971. Photos have been selected from the Paul Lacey collection to reflect the diverse operations covered by the buses of Thames Valley, and its subsidiaries Newbury & District and South Midland.

Published from 2020

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PLP051995-05Thames Valley1920-1930A4 -PB144144 half-tone illustrations, route map, full fleet list, line drawings and premises details.9780951073957£15£13
PLP062001-11Thackray’s WayA family in road transportA5 - PB13662 half-tone illustrations, full fleet list, route maps and plans of premises.9780951073964£10£9
PLP072003-06Thames Valley1931-1945A4 - PB208300 half-tone illustrations, full fleet list, maps and plans, details of premises.9780951073971£25£15
PLP082004-11South Midland 1921-1970 David Flitton Author (Paul Lacey Ed)A5 - PB192142 half-tone illustrations, full fleet list, details of premises and period adverts.9780951073988£11£9.5
PLP092009-04Thames Valley1946-1960A4 - PB224OOP 544 half-tone illustrations, full fleet list, details of premises and route map.9780951073995£25£25
PLP102011-03Newbury & DistrictA4 - PB224310 B&W photographs, full fleet list, maps of services and premises, index to all operators, with fleet lists prior to invovement with N&D.9780956783202£25£15
PLP112012-06Thames Valley The Final Decade1961-1971A4 - PB224540 B&W, 45 colour photographs, full fleet list 1961-1971, Service Vehicle Fleet list, Garages, Dormy Sheds and Outstations, Working Arrangements for 1961, Fleet Allocations for 1963 and 1968 and area map.9780956783219£25£15
PLP122015-04White Bus ServicesA4 - PB160200 B&W, 100 colour photographs, full fleet list, tickets and area map.9780956783226£20£18
PLP132019-02Smith's Coaches of Reading 1922-19791922-1979A4 -PB288500 B&W, 100 colour photographs, full fleet list almost 500 vehicles, details on premises, appendix also chronicles the 32 other operators of charabancs and coaches in Reading up to the outbreak of World War II in 1939.9780956783233£30£28
PLP142019Early Independents of the Henley & Marlow areaVolume one of threeA4 -PB160200 B&W, 100 colour photographs, full fleet list, tickets and area map.9780956783240£15£15
PLP152020-02Early Independents of the Bracknell, Crowthorne & WokinghamVolume two of threeA4 -PB212Unknown quantity of photographs.9780956783257£15£15
PLP162020-06Thames Valley, a centenary albumA4 -PB144340 B&W, 100 colour photographs. Published to celebrate the centenary of the formation of the Thames Valley Traction Co Ltd, which occurs in July 2020. 9780956783264£23£23