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The Heartbeat Of Hythe 9781838443245

The Heartbeat Of Hythe 9781838443245 £9.95

The Heartbeat Of Hythe:

The Story Of The Hythe Pier Railway

By Alan Titheridge
ISBN 9781838443245
Published 2021
A5 210mm x 148mm
136 pages £9.95
Ceratopia Books








PL022 Leopards Prowl 9780956480224 £25

PL022 Leopards Prowl 9780956480224 £25

Leopard’s Prowl around Southdown and beyond by Paul Llewellyn £25

+ £2.95 P&P (Actual postage £4.40 via Hermes)

ISBN 9780956480224 Published August 2020 A4 Hardback portrait 200 pages, numerous colour and mono photographs.

Paul shares a lifetime of knowledge about the history and use of the 166 Southdown leopard Saloons, from delivery to disposal.

Brim full of facts and photos, his love and enthusiasm for these vehicles shines through on every page.







Our Southdown Tigers and pictures of many more by Paul Jefford £18 Post Paid

Our Southdown Tigers and pictures of many more by Paul Jefford £18 Post Paid

Our Southdown Tigers and pictures of many more by Paul Jefford £18
ISBN 9780956762214 Published June 2015 A5 Paperback portrait 192 pages 78 photographs (Use the add-to-cart button)

The book tells the story of an ECW-bodied Leyland bus being in preservation for three times as long as she served Southdown.

After recording briefly 677’s early life, this book tells about her 42 years in her present ownership, describing work done, events attended, places visited and the pains and pleasures of retaining for posterity this charming piece of British transport heritage. There is also an account of all 25 of the vehicles of 677’s batch covering aspects of their lives from ordering and delivery through to their twilight years, including an extensive picture gallery of 78 photographs.

For good measure a chapter is included about 1650, the former Southdown Royal Tiger coach that after a working life of seventeen years in the UK spent more than 40 in Malta before repatriation by the author. Few stockists have taken on the book to date therefore at this stage a somewhat hard to find book, with a short print run and a niche audience, it still is likely to sell out within a short spell considering many books on Southdown topics.



Focusing on the Bristol VR by Duncan Robinson £9.75

Focusing on the Bristol VR by Duncan Robinson £9.75

Focusing on the Bristol VR by Duncan Robinson £9.75 (Use the add-to-cart button)
No ISBN 2016 Publisher Busflix Films A5 Landscape, softback 100 pages 117 photographs

A colour photo picture book collection with captions featuring the Bristol VR bus, most pages are full colour views, some pages have two and a few are vintage B&W that came from the authors own camera. A staple bound on the short edge means these books all suffer from corner scuffs.



Driver  – True story from the 50’s Fred C. Root £7 (Use the add-to-cart button)
ISBN 978-1-920508-17-3 A5 Portrait 104 pages 15 photographs


A bus driver who spent several years working in and around Salisbury wrote a book about his experiences.
Fred Root, born in Salisbury and lived in Durrington until he married, became a professional driver in his early twenties.
Fred reportedly said: “I was mad about buses when I was younger and couldn’t wait to drive one. I would often tell friends of my experiences and nearly everyone said I should write a book, so with a little persuasion from my wife and daughters, so I did.”
Mr Root, now lives in Fovant, spent three years working for Avon Coaches in Netheravon then moved to London, driving double-deckers for four years, and where his wife then joined him as conductor.
Mr Root went on to say “In the 1950s there were no motorways, no heaters or demisters. There were also no flashing indicators, no power steering and while there was a speed restriction of 30mph, there were no regulations on how many hours you could drive and no compulsory rest time. For a young man who was enthusiastic and mad about buses, it was a time of trial and error, endurance, frustration and achievement on completing every journey safely.”

Driver was first on sale in Cross Keys Bookshop, Salisbury, December 20th 2012.
Mentioned in Coach and Bus Week Wednesday December 19, 2012 Issue 1067
Dinnages later became a stockist of his book when approached at an event in Winchester.

Pride & Joy - my amazing 25 year journey with Brighton & Hove buses Roger French OBE DL

Pride & Joy – my amazing 25 year journey with Brighton & Hove buses Roger French OBE DL

Pride & Joy – my amazing 25 year journey with Brighton & Hove buses Roger French OBE DL
ISBN 978-0-956574-00-8 Published 2016 A4 Landscape 160 pages 250 photographs
Cover priced £19.50
All Post Paid Prices, select your option;
£15 NEW Shrinkwrapped from publisher (Reduced to £15)
£12.50 NEW, as supplied without wrapping
£9.95 Former owned copies

Shrinkwrapped New copies of Pride & Joy are still available and part of our sales profits are donating to the Martlets Hospice (on an annual basis) one of the local charities with which Roger French has been involved with for many years.

Roger French OBE tells the story of the last twenty-five years of one of the UK’s most successful and admired bus companies, Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company. The book explains how the company was recreated out of Southdown in 1985 and the inside story behind its privatisation as a management buy-out two years later, as well as its sale to the Go-Ahead Group in 1993. As a serving managing director who has overseen the company throughout its contemporary history for the last quarter of a century, Roger French is best placed to reveal the secrets of how Brighton & Hove has been able to achieve the holy grail of consistent passenger growth every year since 1993. The book contains a full route history over the last twenty-five years, as well as details of the intake of buses and coaches into the fleet each year. Details of the acquisition of Brighton Buses in 1997 and Stagecoach’s Lewes operations in 2005 are also included. Superbly designed by the renowned Best Impressions


Southdown at War 9781854143853

Southdown at War 9781854143853

Southdown at War by Colin Druce £15

ISBN 9781854143853 A4 216 pages – Perfect as New

During its long existence Southdown Motor Services Ltd was generally held in great regard by its customers, transport professionals and enthusiasts alike.
Perhaps it was the smart apple green and cream buses which could be seen in all the towns and resorts between Hastings in the east and Fareham in the west and inland for up to 20 miles.
This book describes the everyday difficulties and dangers faced by Southdown and those living and working in its area during the Second World War.
It is not just about the buses and coaches but includes details of the devastating air raids that affected the coastal towns.
The imposition at various times of Defence Areas, Curfews and Visitor Bans all brought major changes to everyday life including the provision of bus services.
This book is the fruit of ten years of original research to cover a period of Southdown’s history not previously covered in depth.
It covers not only the effect on the company but also the effects on the areas it served.

Brighton's Buses and Trams (including the full fleet list) Signed copies by the author David Toy

Brighton’s Buses and Trams (including the full fleet list) Signed copies by the author David Toy

Brighton’s Buses and Trams

£30 Signed copies by the author David Toy £30 with the full separate fleet list NOW ALL SOLD OUT
£25 NOT Signed and without the fleet list ALL SOLD OUT
ISBN 978-1-854143-90-7 Published June 2015 A4 Portrait 152 pages
The full fleet list was removed from the final draft, and not printed in the book

David Toy, was Chief Engineer with Brighton Corporation between 1974 & 1982, as part of his 31 years within the bus industry, with the book on Brighton’s Buses published we were delighted to have helped out with supplying seven early Brighton images to be used in his book on “Brighton’s Buses and Trams” sourced from the Dinnages Picture Library, while a few more were removed due to the fleet list being pulled from the publication just before going to print. We are also helping David sell his own stock of the books, (including his fleet list), and personally signing the books.



The list of images we supplied & used are;
P12 BW0467 postcard Tram 31 London Road Cheapside/Woolworth
P29 BW0656 photo by Jack Turley, Tram 71 Elm Grove, credited to Colin Curtis Collection
P35 BW0382 photo AEC Regent 81, Jack Turley Lewes Road depot driver trainer
P39 BW0038 photo, BCT01:001 postcard, by Jack Turley Tram 73 on Q service & FUF5 on the 26 Old Steine
P42 BW0039 photo Jack Turley FUF3 brand new on the 48 Old Steine
P73 BW0255 photo Jim Jones FUF1 the last trolleybus 30th June 1961
P80 BH0369 Barrie Hutson AEC Regent on the seafront service 17

Works Driver – Southdown from the inside

New – a copy sourced new from the original publisher/author.

Macphee, Bruce Alexander. Published by the author, 2001. ISBN None. 60 pages, 135g £7

None of these books we have had for sale have been bought in as second-hand, all have been sold to readers, sent to shops and libraries, so none of our stock has been actually sold as ‘Used’. Having been the distributor of this book from new and our good stock has now all sold out, with a few imperfect copies left. Few dealers around the web have any for sale and are usually therefore ‘Used’ being sold on from original buying owners, most often for more that the cover price.

ONLY A FEW IMPERFECT COPIES REMAIN while classed as an OOP title.

Many books have been written about Southdown, but they have mainly covered vehicles and traffic matters. It is rare to find a book written by a member of the engineering staff of any bus company, for that person then to become a bus driver must be unique. This book brought back many happy memories of my own time with Southdown at Portsmouth and of driving many of the vehicles that Bruce describes so vividly. Although I started some years earlier, I too pestered my bosses to allow me to go driving as soon as I was twenty-one and after a short spell of training, I was deemed ready for the test. As he rightly says, there was no specific ‘learner buses’ in those days, if you could drive the oldest vehicle at the depot you could drive anything. Thus I came to take my test in 243, a 1939 Leyland TD5. I think it would be true to say that the pace of change quickened considerably after the 1960’s, far more so than in the previous half-century. Bruce has faithfully recorded his experiences of Southdown, with Portslade works and so many depots now only memories, this is a book that needed to be written for future generations, not just of bus enthusiasts, but of social historians as well. Alan Lambert – © B A M 2001

This book was only from us as the original distributor on behalf of the original author. Some places on the internet incorrectly attribute the publisher as The Southdown Enthusiasts Club however it was published by the self author, and all other retail & trade sales was handled by Dinnages but for a small retail stock sold direct to the S.E.C. The book was unfortunately printed before distribution was agreed, therefore no ISBN number was attached however some copies were passed to local libraries for future reader reference, some of those have now come up for sale. Books without an ISBN struggle to get the book press publicity they deserve however good the content. The print run can now be classed as Out of Print.

Brighton and Hove Bus Names 2004

Brighton and Hove Bus Names 2004

Brighton & Hove Bus Names – by Mike Cheesman and Adam Trimingham £14.99
ISBN 978-0-954258-78-8 Published Nov 2004 Pomegranate Press Paperback Perfect bound 144 pages

£9.95 Mint New as supplied from the Publisher (Use the add-to-cart button)
£5.00 S/H In good condition slight marking to bound edge, or discolouration
Here’s a treat not only for bus buffs but for anyone who’s wondered what all those people remembered on the front of Brighton & Hove buses actually did for the city. The company says it gets more queries about the bus names than about its services, so this book is meeting an established need. Produced in full colour, it includes pen portraits by veteran Argus reporter Adam Trimingham, together with photographs of the personalities themselves and the buses on which they appear.<br>Extending alphabetically from Micky Adams to Bobby Zamora, and including such wildly varied notables as Sir Winston Churchill, Fat Boy Slim, Martha Gunn, Derek Jameson, Rudyard Kipling, Desmond Lynam, Lord Olivier, the Prince Regent, Magnus Volk and Norman Wisdom, it’s nothing less than a people-centred potted history of Brighton and Hove.


Volks Railways Brighton Plateway Press

Volks Railways Brighton Plateway Press

Volks Railways Brighton – Plateway Press
ISBN 978-1-871980-18-9 Published 1st April 1993 Plateway Press Paperback staple bound 48 pages
While all these books were purchased from the publisher direct, the staple edge binding has shown signs of discolouration over years of shelf storage, we now offer THREE variations from our stock.
NEW First edition 1993 £5.95
NEW Reprinted edition 2001 only stocked only by Dinnages and VERA offered here at £9.95
USED Former owned bought in at £4.95
Some in the ‘used’ option have either corner creases or have discolouration of the cover edges where they must have been on a shelf in sunlight.