Dinnages Publishing

The Dinnages Publishing Imprint – Forthcoming publications

Becoming dealers in transport collectibles in 1989, we soon were buying and selling books on both Road and Rail transport of all types.

On behalf of an author we were given the task of handling the sole distribution of a book on Southdown Motor Services and its buses from a drivers prospective. Self published back in 2001, although unfortunately did not receive an ISBN number before being put into print, still all copies are now sold out and is now classed as Out of Print.

Printing our own catalogues and newsletters, we have our own small print and design facilities, along with a backup of a local Sussex printer too.

During 2011 we published an eight page promotional and historical booklet for The Brighton Tram 53 Society at no initial outlay to them other than the paper print cost to us.

With a number of topics in mind, the photographic and print material in negatives and slides gained over thirty years as a reference, is something to cherish yet provide others with enjoyment too, and we have been looking to make more of our collections available to others in print form than just as we have offered over those years as photographs since 1993.

Our very first publication under our own imprint and ISBN number has been in the pipeline for some years now on behalf of an author who has since sadly passed away. First discussed late 2017, initially from his hand written notes and many photographs, the additional corrective research required to the typed files in 2018 has indeed been quite an interesting development, and certainly not been an easy cut and paste into a finished publication.

This forthcoming publication aims to serve as a visual memory through the perspective of a young man’s eye combined with a meticulous record of detail, location and dates, hopefully this personal record will be enjoyed by other avid railway enthusiasts and historians in the topic.

Once published, the book will be sold direct from us through a number of our online outlets, and our occasional stall found at what we consider are the best events in Southern England while we will be inviting some true ‘bricks and mortar’ bookshops and transport or local history related museums, particularly in support of the independent retail bookshop or collectible store.