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Photographs - From the Dinnages Picture Library, sourced from Original Negatives and Slides

A reminder that all of our library views were taken by transport enthusiasts through the use of domestic cameras and standard film and not to be confused with professional photographers. The quality of images can be variable which is dependant on a variety of factors, so for example, the type and quality of the camera, the lens, the film, how old and the condition of the negative or slide was at the time of scanning. The lighting at the time of the photograph can be dark in a garage or with the sun giving a shadow. All these and other factors can give a different look to either B&W or colour images.

Check out the Photo Newsletters for the local Brighton and Southdown views here.

Dinnages, a family team, have been selling transport photographs since 1993 when one of our then retail shop customers came in with a bundle of these as a part-exchange deal for the diecast model buses they had ordered. This new topic of photographs after only trading at that time of four years, has now become our best selling and most desired & interesting product from our stall and online store, which led to us buying many more from a great variety of sources. We now have sizeable selection of transport photographs. A short time after we met up with Jack Turley from Tunbridge Wells with Brighton Tram views, and encouraged by Ernest (Ernie) Charman of Portslade also in the same year, to be offered seriously good B&W negatives from both photographers. Genuine original material from these two enthusiasts continued until Jack sadly passed away in 2003 then his sons offered us the remains of his collection in 2006 which included pre-war steam railway. As for Mr Charman, we still buy material from this well known local enthusiast on an exclusive arrangement, with all B&W now in our library. We hold all the known negatives from the late Jack Turley, some were sold to the M&D and East Kent Bus Club however records were not kept on which images. Over time we have now amassed quite a private collection, which considering we are not a group or society with the free publicity they obtain, it is deemed to be our reputation that has gained us these enjoyable collections. All the more to be enjoyed by our customers through sales of and the presentations at Sussex based clubs using the library. Profits as such from our sales get ploughed back into the circuit to aid our further research and printing primarily of our Southdown and Brighton material, whilst supporting through charitable donations, funds and by other means towards transport preservation projects.

Maybe a few photographs we include in our library have been offered to other organisations on loan in the past, yet we can only print from our own and assured original material, and will not knowingly offer prints from anything other than original material purchased and obtained from those actual photographers themselves, or the surviving family members. Only one small collection that has come indirect, is of Derek Monk. These 35mm negatives were probably considered too poor at the time, where we bought the remains of this collection from Hugh Beck, who originally had purchased the final negatives left at the famous Eric Surfleet premises when he passed away and therefore sold at auction in 1991 being lot number 194. These few negatives were therefore never sold within the Eric Surfleet negative collection that were bought by Dennis Clark, which has only in the very recent years been bought at great expense by the Southdown Enthusiasts Club. Not all the Eric Surfleet collection consist of views taken by Eric himself, therefore just as many other collections are formed when buying in, being sold or donated, negatives can come from many other friends at that time which to our personal knowledge this includes Derek Monk and Gordon Gangloff, although again we do have original material of the latter too.

With regard to material from Barrie Hutson, we began making hand printed old postcard sized prints direct off his negatives in 2003, then about 2009 scanning direct, offering 6x4 lab produced views exclusively through our Photo Newsletter as part of our 'Dinnages Picture Library'. Not quite promoted as a photo circuit, this provides invited 'friends' with historic photographs of bus operations in the traditional Brighton & Southdown area, although also including independents in Sussex, up to the mid 1980's. We are aware a small handful in comparison to what we have had, were offered for a short lived period to a local society, with all negatives again on loan so all the original material is with and still owned by Barrie Hutson at the present time. This collection therefore is quite possibly time limited within our newsletter. and may only add hand printed views here online.

On the left column category panel, you can see each sub-category on photographs which show stock listings of photos available like this (9). The first added were from the Late Dave Taylor, consisting of Southdown and CPPTD (Portsmouth) East Kent and Maidstone liveries. As of January 2011, we added more photographs, originally being in our Photo Newsletter first, in our BW Series local to the Brighton area including BH&D, Brighton Corporation and Southdown.

We would encourage all of those interested in our library of images to subscribe to this postal Newsletter for a regular update and select some from our frequent offerings having first pickings at subscribers rates. We note a few 'misused' in books and print form and a list is added to detailing those we know of here. The general online sales and Library Newsletter orders cannot be combined, as they cater for different payment methods, and that Newsletter subscribers have first offers on newly printed photographs not available here at the same price.

On a point of copyright, of all the collections we have amassed over time, we also have created 'assignments' between the original photographer, (or the surviving spouse/family members), and ourselves in order to enable us to have unfettered and exclusive commercial rights as to any future publication and reproductions of such images. This does not include those from the likes of Derek Monk, John Roberts or Jim Jones for example as these collections have been split up or where some have been published elsewhere, however we only print from what original material we hold. Our exclusive material comes from Jack Turley, Mr Charman, Mr Hough, and Mr M & J Piggott and utilising these assignments, protecting where possible both the photographers rights and ours against misuse by others both on stalls, photos CDs, on auction sites, book publishers or just by enthusiasts unaware of the legal minefield adding their 'albums' to places like Facebook and Flickr. Therefore of those latter photographer names, any view sold by any other trader is a pirated copy unless marked by us or the original photographer from their earlier days of transport photography. Along similar lines, our Barrie Hutson Series affords protection as the current arrangement exists purely for distribution through our service. This service may cease at any time, so this may be the only time to obtain prints off this collection of local Brighton views.

We remind potential buyers of accessing, downloading, and buying views from our library through any of our web pages, sites (and stalls) that all materials, text, and layout too are subject to the UK laws of copyright. You may not use, copy, publish, or distribute or any part of these images in any way whatsoever. In addition, you may not remove/obscure the 'Dinnages' image watermark or alter, manipulate, add to or delete an image or any part of an image without permission. Copyright in all the library images remains with the 'Dinnages Picture Library' and its copyright captions must also refer to the original photographer at any point of public viewing. By entering the site through any one of the pages and links, you are indicating that you have read and accepted these copyright conditions. If you disagree then exit this site here or read a quick guide here. Purchasing any images are intended for your own personal use and collection only. Nothing stated here is implying in any way that you can pass on these for publication to others or to be used in any print form, media, or other electronic form without prior written agreement.

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